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For information regarding who I am and what I do, check out the "About" section. Commercially-released games with which I have been involved or have personally created are featured in the "Games" section, while non-profit, hobby projects I have developed in my spare time are made freely available in the "Headcanon" subsection. This site is also home to my HCGE multiplatform, retro-style game engine and development software

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18.04.11 Major Game Release, Minor Demo, and Moving Forward

First in this long-overdue update, in case you've been hiding under a rock, Sonic Mania was finally released on August 15, 2017! Headcannon takes great pride in having co-developed this game, and we hope that you've enjoyed playing it! If you still haven't seen it, click the link for more information. Also, don't forget to look forward to the enhanced "Sonic Mania Plus"!

Prior to that, an updated demo of our own game, Fantastic Franklin, was released, ironing out bugs that plagued the original 2013 Ludum Dare entry and expanding the content! For more information on how this game has changed since the last release, see this blog post. If you're interested in technical details behind some of the fixes, check out this one too!

Next, as of the posting of this update, work has resumed on HCGE! The engine and its development tools have made slow but significant progress since the last public release about mid-year 2014. For a small, if outdated sample of what's in-progress, check out this old tumblr post. In short, there is major revision work under way to greatly improve ease-of-use, including, but not limited to:

  • Updates to the UI for existing editors
  • Listing and naming of all types of data that will:
    • Ease management and referencing of data elements
    • Allow more data and tasks to be integrated into the UI

Other enhancements include new graphical features such as optional "high-color" mode, blending, scaling, rotation, and 16:9 aspect ratio, with more to come! New versions will be released publicly as these features are completed and made end-user friendly.

Would you like to help secure a future for HCGE and Headcannon overall? Consider becoming a Patron! Patrons receive higher-priority support, while $5+ patrons are top-priority and have access to in-progress versions of HCGE not available to the public!

Finally, Headcannon now has a Discord server! Stop by to chat about any of our projects and/or get help creating with HCGE!
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