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Vertebreaking News

Vertebreaker is a fast-paced action platformer about a skeleton using the spine of a demon as a weapon and grappling hook.

Click the banner above to read more about it and try out the “technical preview” build before the Kickstarter is launched!

Stealth at SAGE

SAGE logo

Watch as Stealth streams Vertebreaker gameplay and has a look at other people's entries at this year's “Sonic Amateur Games Expo”.

Did you hear about our Delightfully Dangerous Darkwing Duck Demo?

A while back, we came up with a Darkwing Duck game concept and started working on a demo. Although things didn't work out in the official sense, we released what we had made and it became quite popular, thanks to news sites like Kotaku. It's still here for you to enjoy and have a look into what might have been!