Publishing Service

Headcannon is happy to offer certain publishing services to talented developers on a first come first serve basis. We are still a small business with limited resources, however, we can provide:

    • Cross-platform porting of games developed with GameMaker Studio 2 to:
    • (Note that due to NDA with platform-owners, the results of this service can not be provided to the developer if the developer is not, themselves, authorized to develop for the target platforms. The results must be published by Headcannon.)
      • Windows
      • Mac OS
      • Linux / SteamOS
      • Nintendo Switch
      • Sony Playstation 5
      • Microsoft Xbox One

    • Digital platform publishing and storefront/sales management for:
      • Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux/SteamOS
      • Nintendo eShop (Switch)
      • Playstation Store (PS5)
      • Microsoft Store (Xbox One)

This may change, but at our current level, we are unable to provide:

    • Cross-platform porting of games developed with systems other than GameMaker Studio 2
    • Funding
    • Marketing

For more information, please use the contact link at the top of the page to provide details on your project. The project must be in such a state that Headcannon can reasonably estimate the quality of the final product, and that quality will need to meet with Headcannon's standards to be considered. Please note that, because we have limited resources, we may not be able to respond to or fulfil all requests.