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    Headcannon Reveals Upcoming Game: "Pier Pressure"

    "Sonic Mania" Developer Teases Their First Solo Release

      Indie developer "Headcannon", one of the headlining entities behind Sega's hit titles "Sonic Mania" and "Sonic Mania Plus", has released their first solo-developed, self-published game: "Pier Pressure"! This side-scrolling pixel shooter with a "sea life" theme is available for Windows, Linux, and OSX now via the Steam and platforms for a price of $4.99.

      "We're all very passionate about our work, and as disappointing as it was to sideline 'Vertebreaker', we're not giving up. When we arrived at 'a SHMUP' after asking ourselves what we could do with limited time and resources, we still couldn't help but go a little crazy with it. We want to give our supporters our best," says owner and lead developer Simon "Stealth" Thomley. The team hopes to create a series of small-but-entertaining games that will earn them the flexibility to be more ambitious and take greater risks; "Pier Pressure" is only the first of several such games currently in the pipeline, with others soon-to-be announced!

      In "Pier Pressure", players take flight as a dopey museum security guard who unwittingly puts his life on the line to save his job. Tony, the buff and flamboyant crawfish scientist has stolen the Power Pearl from its exhibit under your watch, and the only way to get it back is to commandeer one of the ancient ships on display and blast through sky and sea to confront him in his hidden laboratory! Your choice between the three unique ships, each with their own properties and weapons, will determine how you approach the legion of enemies and massive bosses standing between you and your paycheck. Can you make your way across a city sky, fly through a damp cave, navigate the deep sea, and finally conquer Tony's lab? What does he have in store if you do?

      Prepare for takeoff and add "Pier Pressure" to your Steam wishlist now!

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T O N Y Stage 1 action Stage 2, dealing with an eel Stage 3 boss Stage 1 aiming in reverse Stage 2 collecting energy Stage 3 title card Stage 1, firing subweapon at boss Title Screen

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Ship type - Pistol Shrimp Ship type - Mantis Shrimp Ship type - Lure Shrimp Luis is easily startled Tony being fabulous Tony wants to play too