Headcannon Game Engine

Headcannon Game Engine logo.

Headcannon Game Engine is a multiplatform 2D game engine with focus on high performance on lower-end hardware and simple portability for the user. I have developed it alone since 2004 officially, though it has roots in my older work going farther back to 1997! Its custom script system allows for development on one system and play on any other for which the engine exists- no changes or compilation required! It also has built-in editing tools that become more powerful with each update!

Methyl Game Engine

Methyl Game Engine logo

Methyl is Headcannon's proprietary engine, used for our own games such as Vertebreaker. Though it uses some technology from HCGE, many improvements have been made to better take advantage of newer hardware, and all game code work is done in C with native compilation for each target platform. It was started in 2019 by myself along with Noah “Mr. Poe” Hall and Derrek “TheStoneBanana” Harbold.