Sonic the Hedgehog Remastered

Publisher: SEGA of America
Platforms: iOS / Android
Release: May 2013

Re-created from the ground up in association with Christian Whitehead using Retro Engine, this enhanced version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog boasts the following features:

- Smoother performance than previous re-releases
- Wide screen aspect
- Enhanced music for a cleaner sound
- Time Attack mode
- Unlockable Tails and Knuckles
- A few more hidden surprises

(Don't have a Mobile device? Try BlueStacks)

Tails the Fox flying around in the Labyrinth Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog Remastered. Knuckles the Echidna gliding through Springyard Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog Remastered. Sonic the Hedgehog running through Green Hill Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog Remastered. Title screen for Sonic the Hedgehog Remastered.