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Developer: dconn (Primary), Headcannon (Console Ports & Misc)(
Publisher: dconn (steam,, Headcannon (Switch, PS5, xbox)
Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, XBox One
Release: Summer 2024
Demo at:

A collect-a-thon about a frog fixing the solar system after it explodes for some reason. Nice.

- RUBATO is an experimental, 2D physics-based take on the collect-a-thon.
- Use your tongue and lick enemies and objects to make your way through soft metroidvania-like areas, whilst collecting "Planet Bits" to help fix the solar system!
- Nintendo DS-inspired original in-game artwork and an early-mid 2000's influenced soundtrack!
- A strange, yet funny plot with a deep focus on humour and character writing.
- 5 uniquely themed areas ranging from a huge sprawling bakery to a Tokyo-inspired urban metropolis.