Listed below are various hobby projects I've created in my spare time for various reasons, most alone, and some as part of a group. Many of them are related to IPs owned by other companies such as Sega and Capcom. These IPs are used without permission, but without intent to harm their owners. Each of them is presented completely free of charge

My personal Twitter and Youtube accounts are linked at the top of the page, as opposed to those associated directly with Headcannon

This subsection has its own "updates" section that contains news related to both old and new projects featured here. The latest is shown below:

13.03.08 New Site, and Sonic DS and Sonic CD DS

Welcome to the new location for all of my non-profit projects! If you have an interest in this content, don't worry; the formation of Headcannon does not mean that I've given up on fan-content. Each of the projects that I had previously intended to continue will still be updated, and others may still appear in the future

Speaking of new projects, along with this update and the inclusion of some projects I hadn't previously hosted on the Organized Chaos site, I'm now releasing a couple of POCs I created between late 2009 and early 2010 - "Sonic DS" and "Sonic CD DS". These were created as short examples to pitch DS ports of Sonics 1-3 and Sonic CD for DS, which never worked out. They aren't being continued, but you might get a kick out of them, as unfinished as they are. More background information and details are provided on their respective pages