Requires Nintendo Gameboy Advance + Flashcart or an emulator
Officially stated to be "95% complete" in late 2006, a teaser video was released to prime fans for the upcoming "Sonic Genesis". The gameplay appeared to behave strangely, which left some hoping that the video was just bad, and others that the remaining 5% was major technical work. The final product didn't fail to disappoint, with poor sound, a dithered graphic or two, and bugged, jittery, inaccurate, and even lagged gameplay. Quickly, I set out to prove those who went so far as to say the GBA "couldn't handle" Sonic 1 wrong by using my personal knowledge of and experience in reverse-engineering the original game to reproduce a portion of it on the GBA myself. At a smooth 60fps with spot-on gameplay, this one-zone demonstration stands as a true testament to glory of the original.

Sonic has his spindash ability, and fully functional Tails and Knuckles can be accessed by holding A or B while pressing start at the title screen. There is also an extremely incomplete Labyrinth Zone accessible by holding L in the same manner. While in-game, pressing R trigger will toggle Debug Mode causing A and B to become object cycle and object place

This was meant purely for demonstration. It can not and will not be continued. Most errors are known and reports are not desired; there will be no updates

This game uses the "Apex Audio System" for sound, which appears to no longer be available though its original author, Apex Designs

This project was later used to build two other POCs- Sonic DS and Sonic CD DS