Zone Def Format

The "Zone Def" file sets up certain aspects of the current "Zone" and loads data that will only be available to this Zone and its "Acts". Every Zone must have a Zone Def, which must be named "zone.def", and must appear in the Zone's Folder. It follows this format:

(The word "NONE", in all caps, can be used to omit def files here)

Format Description

  • Number of Zone Status Objects

  • Number of Total Zone Funcs

  • Number of Zone Func Files

  • Number of Acts

  • Number of placeable Debug Objects

    Example Zone Def

    ; Example Zone Def ;
    Zone Font File:                  NONE
    Number of Texts:    4
             Text 0:    Level Name
             Text 1:    mettrix\zone01\1.lev
             Text 2:    mettrix\zone01\1.til
             Text 3:    mettrix\zone01\1.itm
    Zone Music Def File:             music.def
    Zone Sound Effect Def File:      NONE
    Zone Object Def File:            objects.def
    Number of Zone Status Objects:   0
    Number of Total Zone Funcs:      2
     Number of Zone Func Files:      1
               Function File 0:      ZoneFunc.def
                                     ;0- Act 0 Init
                                     ;1- Act 1 End Boundary Event
    Number of Acts:      1
    Act  0- Init Func:   Z0 ;Act1 Init
            Act Font File:                  NONE
            Zone Music Def File:            NONE
            Zone Sound Effect Def File:     NONE
            Act Object Def File:            NONE
            Number of Act Status Objects:   0
            Number of Total Act Funcs:      0
             Number of Act Func Files:      0
            Number of Boundary Events:      1
             Event 0-        Boundary X1: 8728
                             Boundary Y1:-2147483647 ;Lowest possible position value
                             Boundary X2: 9999
                             Boundary Y2: 2147483647 ;Highest possible position value
                           Target Object: _BE_Camera
                      Num Function calls:   2
             Function 0-         Func ID:  Z1        ;Zone Function 1
                            When To Call: _BE_PerPlayer
             Function 1-         Func ID:  Z2        ;Zone Function 2
                            When To Call: _BE_PerPlayer
    Number of Placeable Debug Objects:    4
                          Object ID 0:   G1
                          Object ID 1:   G2
                          Object ID 2:   Z0
                          Object ID 3:   Z1