XM Support

HCGE uses a custom-built playback system for XM modules, with the following features:

XM Event Functions

XM Effects Support

Hex Name Effect Support
00xx (0xx) Appergio Yes
01xx (1xx) Porta Up Yes
02xx (2xx) Porta Down Yes
03xx (3xx) Tone Porta Yes
04xx (4xx) Vibrato Yes
05xx (5xx) Tone Porta + Vol Slide Yes
06xx (6xx) Vibrato + Vol Slide Yes
07xx (7xx) Tremolo Yes
08xx (8xx) Set Panning Yes
09xx (9xx) Sample Offset Yes
0Axx (Axx) Volume Slide Yes
0Bxx (Bxx) Pattern Branch Yes
0Cxx (Cxx) Volume Set Yes
0Dxx (Dxx) Pattern break to row Yes
0E0x (E0x) Unused Unused
0E1x (E1x) Fine Porta Up Yes
0E2x (E2x) Fine Porta Down Yes
0E3x (E3x) Glissando Control No
0E4x (E4x) Vibrato Control Yes
0E5x (E5x) Set Finetune No
0E6x (E6x) Set/Do Loop Yes
0E7x (E7x) Tremolo Control Yes
0E8x (E8x) "Set Panning" No
0E9x (E9x) Retrigger Note Yes
0EAx (EAx) Fine Vol Slide Up Yes
0EBx (EBx) Fine Vol Slide Down Yes
0ECx (ECx) Note Cut Yes
0EDx (EDx) Note Delay Yes
0EEx (EEx) Pattern Delay No
0EFx (EFx) "Set Active Macro" No
0Fxx (Fxx) Set Tempo/BPM Yes
10xx (Gxx) Set Global Volume Yes
11xx (Hxx) Global Volume Slide No
12xx (Ixx) Unused Unused
13xx (Jxx) Unused Unused
14xx (Kxx) Key Off Yes
15xx (Lxx) Set Envelope Position No
16xx (Mxx) Unused Unused
17xx (Nxx) Unused Unused
18xx (Oxx) Unused Unused
19xx (Pxx) Panning Slide No
1Axx (Qxx) Unused Unused
1Bxx (Rxx) Multi Retrigger Note Yes
1Cxx (Sxx) Unused Unused
1Dxx (Txx) Tremor No
1Exx (Uxx) Unused Unused
1Fxx (Vxx) Unused Unused
20xx (Wxx) Unused Unused
210x (X0x) Unused Unused
211x (X1x) Extra Fine Porta Up No
212x (X2x) Extra Fine Porta Down No
22xx (Yxx) Unused Unused
23xx (Zxx) "Midi Macro" Used for "XM Events"