Using the Tile Selector

All defined Tiles made available in a single listing, whose end is marked with an "X". They are listed in order from left to right up to the edge of the screen, and top to bottom.

Long lists of Tiles may not fit entirely onto one screen, but list can be panned by moving the pointer to the bottom or top of the screen

The currently-selected Tile is marked by a flashing box.

Left-click a Tile to select it and go to the Level Editor.

Right-click a Tile to select it and go to the Tile Editor.

Press C to select a Tile for copying. It will be surrounded by a white box.

Press P to paste the selected copy Tile to a new Tile Entry. The copy Tile will be deselected.

Press A to expand the tile list; a new, blank Tile will be added to the end.

Press Z to contract the tile list; the last Tile on the list will be deleted.