Tables and the Table Def Format

If any Game-global "Tables" are to be included in an HCGE game, a "Table Def" with the name "tables.def" must be included in that game's "Game Folder".

"Zone"-specific tables that are loaded and unloaded with each "Zone" are also possibly by placing a Table Def with the name "tables.def" in the desired "Zone Folder".

"Tables" are user-created lists of pre-calculated values that are generally used to avoid the slowdown of repeatedly performing complex math operations, or to provide lists of values that may be used for any other purpose. They can be accessed through the use of the Table-reading Script Commands, which allow the use of variables to select the Table and Index to read.

There are two basic types of Table Data that can be loaded:

Format Description

Example Table Def File

; Example Table Def File ;

Number of Tables:  9

 Table 0 Name: tables\table0.def
         Type: 8

 Table 1 Name: tables\table1.tbl
         Type: 7

 Table 2 Name: tables\table2.tbl
         Type: 6

 Table 3 Name: tables\table3.tbl
         Type: 5

 Table 4 Name: tables\table4.tbl
         Type: 4

 Table 5 Name: tables\table5.tbl
         Type: 3

 Table 6 Name: tables\table6.tbl
         Type: 2

 Table 7 Name: tables\table7.tbl
         Type: 1

 Table 8 Name: tables\table8.tbl
         Type: 0