Getting Started With HCGE

HCGE is built for creating games through the use of its various editing tools. The two basic types are the Data Editors, and the Script Tools. Either type can be used to alter existing games, but proper use of both could yield totally new and unique games.

This document is not intended to be a step-by-step tutorial on creating a game for the first time, but rather an entry-point to a complete information resource regarding HCGE usage. It gives important generalized information, and touches mildly on broad concepts that link to more documentation on specific features. Many are simple in application but lengthy in explanation. The totality of this documentation is meant to provide a thorough understanding of using each and every aspect of this game engine and its editors, and as such, features are encyclopedically categorized and catalogued in complete detail.

It is fully expected that this documentation alone will be overwhelming, even in conjunction with the available open game examples, which is why there is also a support forum, as well as an IRC Channel, for asking questions and obtaining assistence.


Brief Functionality Overview

File Setup Information

Level Data and Menu/Gameplay Setup Information

ID, Count, Variable, Constant Value, and Value Alias Name Information

Script Value Tags Information
Script Setup Information

Image Setup Information

Sound and Music Setup Information

Packed/Protected Games

Remote Update and Game Listing Information

Custom Program Icons

Complete Documents Listing
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