Alias Def File Format

The "Alias Def" file contains a list of "Alias Files" to load. It is loaded automatically if it exists in the same folder as "game.def" and is named "alias.def". If this file does not exist in this location with this name, no Aliases will be loaded for the game.

Format Description

Example Alias Def File

; Example Alias Def File ;

NumFiles: 18

Set  0 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:..\default\alias\commands.def	;Default Command Alias Names

Set  1 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:..\default\alias\params.def		;Default Parameter Alias Names

Set  2 Type: 1					;Built-in Registers
       File:..\default\alias\registrs.def	;Default Game Register Alias Names

Set  3 Type: 3					;Built-in Player Constants
       File:..\default\alias\pconsts.def	;Default Player Constant Alias Names

Set  4 Type: 5					;Built-in Player Variables
       File:..\default\alias\pvars.def		;Default Player Variable Alias Names

Set  5 Type: 7					;Built-in Object Variables
       File:..\default\alias\objvars.def	;Default Object Variable Alias Names

Set  6 Type: 8					;"Extra" Object Variables
       File:..\default\alias\objvarse.def	;Default Object "Extra" Variable Alias Names

Set  7 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:..\default\alias\built-in.def	;Default Built-in Object Type ID Alias Names

Set  8 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:..\default\alias\settings.def	;Default Script Settings Values Alias Names

Set  9 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:alias\params.def			;Game-specific Parameter Alias Names

Set 10 Type: 2					;User Registers
       File:alias\registrs.def			;Game-specific User Register Alias Names

Set 11 Type: 4					;User Player Constants
       File:alias\pconsts.def			;Game-specific User Player Constant Alias Names

Set 12 Type: 6					;User Player Variables
       File:alias\pvars.def			;Game-specific User Player Variable Alias Names

Set 13 Type: 8					;"Extra" Object Variables
       File:alias\objvars.def			;Game-specific User Object "Extra" Variable Alias Names

Set 14 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:alias\sounds.def			;Game-specific Sound Effect ID Alias Names

Set 15 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:alias\tables.def			;Game-specific Table ID Alias Names

Set 16 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:alias\packbutn.def			;Game-specific Packed Button State Bit ID Alias Names

Set 17 Type: 0					;Constant Values
       File:alias\settings.def			;Game-specific Settings Value Alias Names