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Fantastic Franklin

Developer/Publisher: Headcannon
Engine: Headcannon Game Engine
Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX
Release: TBD
Price: TBD

Download the demo for:
Windows, Linux, OSX

Fantastic facts about the demo:

- Challenging puzzle-platform action; climb, push, dig, carry, and throw to guide the egg safely to the exit!
- Four fantastic levels to test your skill!
- Level overview; suspend the game and pan the camera across the level to get your bearings!
- Progress save; return to any unlocked level to try again or go for higher score!

Fantastic things to come:

- Several exciting new obstacles/tools and hazards!
- Various enemies!
- Many more levels to explore/conquer!
- An integrated level editor for creating your own puzzles to play and share!
- Complete musical soundtrack!