This Game was built using the Headcannon Game Engine, and can be installed directly from the HCGE "Downloads" interface

Download here to install manually by placing the contents into the HCGE program folder

This is an example Sonic the Hedgehog game created with the HCGE multiplatform, retro-style game engine. The game is unprotected and therefore modifiable, and it includes some of the same Script and data files that are being used to create "Sonic the Hedgehog: Project Mettrix", as well as additional features that create a short but "full" playable game. It is intended to serve as a basis for other Sonic the Hedgehog Fangames, as well as an example of advanced HCGE usage in general.

This game can be installed directly from within the HCGE main interface, or download from the link above for manual install by placing the contents of the downloaded archive into the HCGE program folder.

More details and some usage notes and instructions can be found in the included documentation. More notes and usage tips are forthcoming.

(Video note: Please excuse the degredation of some effects. Youtube videos run at 30 fps while HCGE runs and this game was recorded at 60FPS, and as such, some flashing or other effects that depend on frame-accuracy are not properly reproduced in the playback of this video, even though they were performed correctly in-game. The video description on youtube has a list of affected effects)


Massive updates have been made to this example to make it much more readable and usable, as well as to provide much more functionality, and even a short but full game

For details, check this updates post for an overview and links to documentation containing complete descriptions