SonED2 Level Editor

The Level Editor is used for editing the layout of normal gameplay levels. Levels are built by placing "Chunks" onto the level grid with the cursor. "Chunks" can be either 256 or 128 pixels in both width and height depending on the target game, and are built from 16x16 "Blocks", which are built from 8x8 Tiles. They can all be built and modified from within the Tile Editor, or they may be imported from an image file.

Levels are composed of two planes: Plane A (Foreground) and Plane B (Background, and in some cases, special moving floors). These planes are further divided into "High" and "Low" portions by settings within the 16x16 Blocks.

The Level Editor may be used to edit Plane A, Plane B, or its own "clipboard" plane. The clipboard plane receives imported plane layout data, but may also be drawn to manually as with Planes A and B. This data may then be pasted onto Plane A or B at any location.

The following features are available in this editor:

Split-Screen Mode Compatibility