(AKA: Rock / Rock man)

Weapon: Mega Buster
Special abilities:
Low Slide (down + jump button): Allows Megaman to slide through small areas.
Charged Shot (hold attack button): By holding down the shot button Megaman will charge his megabuster and fire a powerful attack.
(AKA: Blues)

Weapon: Proto Buster
Special Abilities:
Air Dash (Dash Button while in the air):Allows Protoman to dash midair, allowing greater air distance. When dashing, his shield protects from projectile attacks, and can even be used to charge through some lesser enemies.
Charged Shot (Hold attack button): By holding down the shot button, Protoman will charge his buster and fire 4 powerful shots equal to Megaman's charged shot.
(AKA: Forte)

Weapon: Bass Buster
Special abilities:
Dash (Dash Button): Allows Bass to dash across the floor quickly.
Double Jump (Jump button): Pressing the jump button in midair will make Bass perform a second jump,allowing for greater distance.

game.hcg and key def files made to comply with HCGE (formerly E02) release 14.06.16 format updates. To continue playing with the newest HCGE update, please redownload. Thanks for your patience.



-Typo in loading for the HUD was exposed by the new E02. This fix probably prevents a few load crashes

-Minor code fix to Zaiaku Man. May not have been a noticeable problem

-NinJoe no longer occasionally just stands there

-Characters no longer enter their victory pose when standing still mid-level after having already beaten Zaiaku Man

This Game was built using the Headcannon Game Engine, and can be installed directly from the HCGE "Downloads" interface

Download here to install manually by placing the contents into the HCGE program folder


(Note: This story takes place after Rockman & Forte but before Rockman: Power Fighters.)

It had been some time since Dr. Wily vanished; having been defeated once again by Megaman. Some people believed it was for good, some knew it was only a matter of time. Until then however, there was rejoicing.

In times of such peace, people shifted their attention from tactical creations to inventions that would better mankind. It was in this spirit that the first ever convention dedicated to bringing the brightest minds together for just that purpose was held.

Dr. Light received an invitational letter. The meeting was to be held in secrecy at a discrete location, for fear of any possible attack. The good doctor was excited about the idea - to mingle with great minds and share thoughts on how to make the world better was a dream. He was confident that united the world would benefit the most. Some days after receiving the letter, he had bid farewell to Rock and Roll and was on his way.

Days passed and still Rock had no contact with Dr. Light. He knew how important the event was and how deeply involved it must have been. He waited patiently; he knew Dr. Light would contact them in time.

Weeks passed and Megaman had grown increasingly more worried. Why hadn't Dr. Light contact them? Word spread that Dr. Light was missing and an all-out global manhunt began...

Returning home after another long and fruitless search, Megaman slumped against the couch. He was worried and losing hope; The world was vast and the chances of finding one person was so astronomical... Roll sat beside him, gently patting her brothers hand when the show she had been watching was interupted by an emergency broadcast. "We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this special report: City in crisis! Our sources have reported hundreds of renegade machines running amuck in our fair city. The devastation is massive and the police are helpless to stop it!" "Oh no! Megaman!" Roll cried. "You have to help them!"

"This has to be the work of Dr. Wily! I bet he's behind Dr. Light's disappearance too! I'll make sure he pays for this!"