Sound Effect Def Format

The "Sound Effect Def" file is very simple, and only lists the names of each file that should be loaded as a
Sound Effect for use anywhere in the game. The "Sound Effect Def" file that is loaded by the "Game Def" file, though, must be present, and must contain at least one sound. The first sound in that file must be a silent wav (sfx000.wav in the "default\sfx" folder is sufficient).

Format Description

Example Sound Effect Def

; Example Sound Effect Def ;

Number of Sound Effects:     5

   Sound Effect 0- Filename: ..\default\sfx\sfx000.wav
   Sound Effect 1- Filename: sfx\sound1.wav
   Sound Effect 2- Filename: sfx\sound2.wav
   Sound Effect 3- Filename: sfx\sound3.wav
   Sound Effect 4- Filename: sfx\sound4.wav