Headcannon Game Engine v12.11.13

Welcome to the HCGE general-purpose, multiplatform 2D game engine! HCGE features builds for the following platforms:
The HCGE is built for versatility. With it's editing features, whole new games can be created. These features include a level editor, a tile editor, a level ripper, a sprite editor, and various different script file types, including a custom scripting language used to control every aspect of title/intermission screens, menus, level events, and even players and objects.

The other documentation in this package goes into more detail on each feature, and because the program isn't game-specific, any game/demo documentation is stored separately from this set of files in the game's own folder.

Games that are to be made available to the HCGE must have a "GDF" file stored in the "GDF" folder. These files tell the program where the game is, and how it should be loaded. By starting the program, the "default" game is loaded, if another isn't specified. To load a different game, hold F8 while the program starts, or press it at any other time to bring up the game menu. The "-game" Parameter may also be used as specified in the Command-Line documentation, or launcher, which contains a drop-down menu with all available games, as well as other useful start-up and editing features.

To install a new game (assuming it was packaged with sub-folders in-tact), simply unzip it to the HCGE program folder, and all files should fall into their proper places. The package must contain the game folder, which it will create within the program folder, and which houses the main game files, the "GDF" file, which must exist in the "GDF" folder in the package, and the game documentation, which must exist in the game's own folder in the package, but that is the responsibility of the person who packaged it. If it wasn't set up that way, this paragraph should have been adequate instruction on how to fix it.

Please view all documentation for any game you will be using with the HCGE, and if you will be creating one yourself, please read all editing documentation carefully.