Music Format

The "Music Def" file contains a listing of
Music files for songs that should be used at any point in the game, and what their formats are.
Format Description

Example Sound Effect Def

; Example Music Def ;

Number of Musics: 4

Music 0- Type: 0 ;Wav, Single File, No Repeat
       File 0: ..\default\sfx\sfx000.wav

Music 1- Type: 3 ;XM
       File 0: ..\music1.xm

Music 2- Type: 1 ;Wav, Single File, Repeat
       File 0: music\music2.wav

Music 3- Type: 2 ;Wav, Double File, Repeat
       File 0: music\music3-1.wav
       File 1: music\music3-2.wav