Game Listing File Format

The "gdf" Game Listing File makes the game available to HCGE. Its name must be 8 characters or less, with no spaces or special characters. It must also use the extension ".gdf", and appear in the "gdf" folder to be recognized.

It serves as a starting point for loading the game by telling the program where it's located, and making it available to the game load menu (program start, or F8), as well as declaring the required minimum version of HCGE for running the game, and where to check for updates

Format Description

Example Game Listing File

; Example Game Listing File ;

Name: HCGE Demonstration Game

Path: ..\HCGEdemo

Version: 100820

Update domain:
Update path:   HCGE/Games/HCGEdemo/

Min HCGE Ver:   100820