Headcannon Game Engine Script Commands - If Conditionals (General)

"If Blocks" test for certain conditions, and cause the code within to be processed only if that condition is true. They start with any available "If" Command to define the condition, and must be ended with an "EndIf" command.

If the condition is true, processing continues through the code within the "If Block", through the "EndIf", and beyond. If the condition is not true, the code within the Block is skipped, and processing resumes with the Command that immediately follows that Block's "EndIF".

Also available is the "Else" Command, which causes code to execute when the condition is not true. An "IF"/"Else"/"EndIf" Block starts with the desired "IF" Command, followed by code to execute if the condition is true, and then the "Else" Command, followed by the code to execute if the condition is not true, and finally, the "EndIf" Command.